When Sam (Mark Duplass), an immature burnout, reluctantly agrees to accompany his teenage cousin and a friend on a camping trip, it’s difficult to determine who is chaperoning whom. But the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest has a way of turning boys into men.


Director: Craig Johnson

Writer: Craig Johnson

Cast: Mark Duplas, Bret Loehr, Melissa Leo, Emma Dumont, Linas Phillips, Davie-Blue, Carr Thompson

Producer: Thomas Woodrow

Executive Producer: Gill Holland, Emanuel Michael

Co-Producer: Laurie Hicks, Jennifer Lee, Stu Pollard

Associate Producer: Jack Bennett, Carly Hugo, Jennifer Lee

Cinematographer: Kate Westergaard



SXSW Film Festival

Nominated: Best Narrative Feature, Craig Johnson

Vail Film Festival


Nashville Film Festival


Florida Film Festival