A sneak peek at our upcoming projects


Comedy / Adapted Screenplay
Written by Stu Pollard

When Dev Degraw, child star turned disillusioned Alabama attorney, deals with his divorce by drinking, gambling, and philandering his way across the Deep South, his hijinks threaten to derail his father’s gubernatorial campaign. Adapted from the Inman Majors novel.

The Buffalo Soldier


Post-Apocalyptic Drama / Adapted Screenplay

When a nuclear attack devastates most of the US, the prodigal son in a small Kentucky coal-mining community must rise to the challenge of leadership, to protect his family and friends from the chaos that threatens to destroy civilization. Adapted from the Pat Frank bestseller.

The Man Who Knew Belle Starr


Thriller / Adapted Screenplay
Written by Julie Lipson

A reflective ex-con starts a road trip in search of a new beginning, but a mysterious young hitchhiker named Belle Starr throws things off course when her peculiarities turn violent. Based on short story by Richard Bausch.


Thriller-Horror / Original Screenplay
Written by Justin Giddings & Ryan Welsh

When a disgraced ex-cop is hired to search for a missing child, the clues lead him to a confrontation with a deadly cult dedicated to awakening an ancient evil. Loosely based on a Kentucky urban legend.


Documentary Project

The breast is a double-edged sword: it is both revered as a symbol of fertility and feminine beauty and maligned as a root of immorality and depravity. Led by a powerhouse of female filmmakers, REDUCTION is a revolutionary feature-length documentary that follows a group of womxn with oversized breasts, exploring the challenges they face and understanding their motivations – and trepidations – to undergo breast reduction surgery.

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Documentary Project

Commencement marks both a beginning and an end — it is fraught with a sense of the unknown regardless of year. Yet for the Class of 2020, the uncertainty has never been greater. THE PAUSE GENERATION is a feature-length documentary that seeks to explore the unique challenges facing 2020 graduates, from heading into an unstable job market to leaving friends or family behind. No other generation has had or will ever have an experience quite like those who graduated in this unusual time.

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